Multi-Day Yacht Rental Mykonos

Let the Greek Islands inspire you

A private yacht charter in Greece is an experience of a lifetime. Our local experts will lead you to discover the true beauty of the Greek Islands while our commitment to quality and service will ensure you cruise in safety, comfort and luxury aboard our impeccably maintained yachts. Our professional crews are detail-focused and trained in the expectations of the VIP traveller, offering ethereal experiences in pure glamour.

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Charter Price
0 - 20.000€
20.000€ - 50.000€
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200.000€ - 500.000€
  • My Toy (140 feet)
  • Solaris (90 feet)
  • Tropicana (105 feet)
  • DALOLI (120 feet)
  • Dream B (100 feet)
  • Project Steel (100 feet)
  • GIOE I (100 feet)
  • George V (68 feet)
  • Lady Dee (155 feet)
  • Mia Rama (176 feet)
  • O'Mega Super Yacht (271 feet)
  • July (68 feet)
  • Aimilia (79 feet)
  • Rena (72 feet)
  • Julie M (83 Feet)
  • Nashira (84 Feet)
  • Mythos (85 Feet)
  • Sea Dog (80 Feet)
  • Vento (76 Feet)
  • Ferretti Fly bridge 76ft
  • Canados 87 87ft
  • Baia Azzurra 63
  • Sunseeker Predator Open Sport 61ft
  • Ferretti 58/64 64ft

Let the Greek Islands Inspire You

A Premium Cruising Lifestyle

Private Weekly Charters are designed to widen your horizons with a premium cruising lifestyle. Discover a country of unparalleled beauty and let the greek islands take your breath away. Take loved ones on a journey of pure beauty and harmony, sailing from one island to the other always accompanied by the refreshing Blue Aegean breeze and the ever satisfying Greek sunshine along the way.


7 Days Discovering Athens and the Cyclades Islands

Athens is an ideal starting point for a private cruise or superyacht charter in Greece, Cyclades, Aegean Islands.

7 Days in the Ionian Islands

Scattered in the Ionian Sea, the main islands of the chain, from north to south, are Corfu, Paxos, Levkas, Ithaca, Cephalonia and Zakynthos.

Greek Isles: Suggested Itinerary by National Geographic

Depart on an overnight flight to Athens. After some time at leisure and lunch in the city, travel to Piraeus and settle into your cabin.

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All that you need to know about Yacht Rental Mykonos

The Cyclades have been a treasure and pleasure to watch as far as the beauty of nature is concerned. One of the main islands of the Cyclades, Mykonos is fairly a pure destination for all the sailing enthusiasts. Also known as the festive island, Mykonos has received a gift of getting photographed by everyone coming down at the Mykonos. And what is very important while navigating through the Cyclades? A Yacht, right? So here we are to discuss somethings about the Yacht Rental Mykonos.

Although it is considered as the gem of Greece, Island has much more to endeavor you. The Island with its triangular shape has lots and lots of surprises hidden for you. Indeed, we would say that it is more than 86 KM of coastline that you can explore and experience. Renting a skippered boat or bareboat with a Yacht Rental Mykonos is simply something you should never want to miss while you are in Greece. With the best luxury and comfortable Yachts, SamBoat has all that you need to make your day.

Now, let’s talk about the most enjoyable methods to explore the surroundings when you are at the Mykonos Yacht Rental. There are so many different techniques to traverse the sea while voyaging through the Cyclades. Whether you are renting a yacht for a day or you are hiring Yacht Rental Mykonos for several weeks, the choice depends on you. All the above that, the activities during the sailing ride is needed to be pre-planned. If you are wishing to see idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters then you should definitely traverse your Yacht Rental Mykonos towards Psarnou, Ornos, Paradise beach or Agios Ioannis beach.

While sailing on Yacht Rental Mykonos, you can also sail to the heart-touching and eye-pleasing islands of Delos & Rhenia. These islands are one of them, off the coast bustling Mykonos tourist attractions. These islands are just several miles away from the main island and are the real jewels of Greece. Talking about the most suitable time for the Yacht Rental Mykonos, summer is the attraction for the people but the autumn and spring are much milder. You would really like it and enjoy it sailing in Mykonos Yacht Rental.