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Mykonos Day Cruises

Take a perfect day of harmony cruising the emerald waters of Mykonos and feast your senses on the beauty of the surrounding Greek Islands.
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Mykonos Multi-Day Charters

Come and be serenaded by the romance of the Aegean. Watch iconic postcard Images come to life through a series of hotspot destinations.
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Mykonos Yacht Charter & Boat Rental

A private Charter is about freedom and choices.  Connect with our local experts and get matched to your ideal  yacht, tailored to your preferences.

Treat yourself cruising on sparkling turquoise waters of the Cyclades.

Expand your horizons with the tranquil beauty of premium destinations in Mykonos.

Experience unsurpassed service with magnificent panoramic views.


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Mykonos Multi Day Charters

Mykonos Yacht Charter & Boat Rental

Begin your memorable luxury weekly yacht charter from Mykonos, the Mediterranean hotspot of private cruises. Perfectly situated among dozens of captivating Greek Islands blends the views of historical landmarks and exclusive private golden beaches. All from the luxurious comfort of your private Mykonos yacht charter.  Check here: Luxury Yachts Greece

“Luxury, comfort, and unforgettable moments.”

Mykonos Day Cruises

Mykonos Yacht Charter & Boat Rental

Our Charter experts will provide you with customised offers and itinerary suggestions to match all your cruising details to your preferences. Embark upon our boat charter Mykonos and be taken to breathtaking destinations on your private luxury charter yacht.

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Your Satisfaction. Our Purpose.

To offer a new dimension of sophistication and service to the yachting lifestyle.From yacht sales and purchase to charter to management and marketing of the world’s most discerning luxury vessels, our Company offers a total-service approach. It’s these relationships that enable us to bring our clients exceptional experiences throughout the year and ensure that they can rely on us for all their travel needs.


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